Ritornello Melakar Studio(Melakar) is not a digital agency, nor a traditional advertising agency. Melakar has been creating world of community e-business solution in the middle of  Covid-19 pandemic (since 2021). The pandemic situation give as some opportunity  to share our 20 years expert in various immersive experience  to the new market. They serve e-business solution to the people who in need especially Malaysian people. They worked with clients from over countries, many of whom are returning clients.

Melakar’s attraction lies in the work they provide and how it is provided. The professional & latest work in design, business solution, digital marketing, content creation, integrated product solution and superb technical skills. Melakar belive their professional entrepreneur experience, design, creativity, craftsmanship and quality, and community responsibilities allows them to cater to the specific needs of the client. This is combine with professional client servicing that ensures strict data security, secure facilities, and confidentiality when it comes to a client’s assets. Melakar Studio unite passionate entrepreneur mindset with creative technologies to fulfill and exceed a client’s expectations.

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